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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  August 30, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> today on "fox news morning" tropical storm harvey gulf coast resident preparing for another blow from the deadly storm that won't go away. >> transgender military ban. pentagon presses pause button allowing thousands to continue serving their country. >> looking live outside it will be warmer out there today. prepare for sunny skies and temps nearing 80 degrees. >> what? what? >> good morning to you thank you for joining us. >> it's wednesday, august thursday -- august 30th on this wednesday is what i'm trying to say. >> we goit
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>> we will get. >> slowly. >> but surely. >> erin is watching traffic and mike has eyes to the sky. hi, mike. >> it will be a mix of clouds and sun today with temperatures again right around 80. drayer day that's the good thing. erin, house traffic. >> traffic is a mess right now in quants co. a want to he show you a look at maps. we're dealing with with terrible companies. 95. tractor-trailer crashes in the quantico area and closing all main lanes. that is out by joplin road 6 19. traffic is being forced to divert the main lanes at russel road. you can take route 1 delays back to 610 garrisonville r road. half our delay already. one tractor-trailer crashes involving a fuel spill. second one in backup is blocking at least one lane. main lanes again at stand still and being orced to divert. we're hoping to get shoulder or one lane open soon. hearing the crash should be there throughout the morning rush hour. hov looking okay closer to 6
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hov looking okay closer to 6:19. we'll keep you updated. traffic in maryland and d.c. looking good. back to you mature and and holly. >> we'll check in with you for update. 5:0 1st time and the latest out of texas the death toll has risen. tens of thousands have been displaced. rescue efforts continued overnight in the midst of newly imposed curfew in houston. annie yu following latest developments from the newsroom in morning, annie. >> houston mayor sylvester turner enforced mandatory curfew in attempt to deal with ludeing there. that curfew lifted at 5:00 this morning. there's reports 18 people are dead including a police sergeant that droupd in his police car after trapped in the rising floodwaters from harvey. the nation's fourth largest city of houston is unrecognizable. highways, businesses entire neighborhoods submothered in murky brown
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emergency crews and coastguard working to keep alive. many are trapped in their homes. shelter are filling over capacity with 10 thos people taking shelter at george r. brown convention center and toyota center and nrg center being used to accommodate the still growing numbers of evacuees. 10 buses pulled up to the nrg last night. the weather will get better today and harvey next aim is lieu hugh where the storm will mack a second land fall today. so no relief in sight as harvey continues to linger over the gulf coast region. maureen. >> annie yu with the latest update we'll check in with you as the morning progresses for the latest updates.
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ban in military is on hold. jim matic says transgender soldiers will be able to serve in the military pending results of 6 month study. mat is will hear recommendations from a panel and advice the president on what next to do. >> there are new developments in the investigation into a massive brawl that happened outside the turkish embassy in may. prosecutors say security forces loyal to the president attacked crowd and caused a number of injuries. 19 people have now been indicted including 15 security officials. so far only two people are in custody and most of the people up diet ready no longer in our country. >> we continue to follow fallou from the violence in charlottesville an 18-year-old man from ohio is fighting extradition back to virginia. dan boreden is charged in beating of black man in white supremists rally in virginia. video shows boreden and other white men attacking deandre
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parking garage. >> maryland residents on obamacare can expect to see a huge jump in their premium dmoingts 2018. state regulators said yesterday they approved average rate increases of 2% to nearly 50% depending on plan and carrier. and the increases will take a toll on consumers who don't get government subsidies and insurance companies. this adds to questions surrounding the affordable care act on stability and affordability. >> 5:05 let's goat michael thomas for a check of of forecast today. warmer temps and sun, too. >> hard to get cooler than yesterday. we stayed in 60s all day yesterday which felt like fall than late august. sun will poke through today. won't be full sunshine. more details coming up in a minute. here's satellite and radar in a minute. harvey made a second land falcon firmed just west of cameron louisiana. according to the national warm service harvey
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land fall this morning and continues to rotate down south and bringing lots of had effie rain so portions of new orleans and alabama and mess miss this morning. it will continue journey north ward and eventually will reach us not nearly with the same strength it has more. more details on the forecast coming up in ten minutes. satellite and radar outside now. calm, quiet. good amount of stars to start the day out there. good amount of sun this morning. temperatures cool and ple pleasant. 6 washington and 58 gaithersburg and 59 westminster and 58 baltimore this morning. again it's a cool and pleasant start up to 79 degrees. ten warmer than we were yesterday. minimum of clouds and sun sunshine. can't true out a shower for those that live around the i 1 corridor and locations west. more details in the forecast in a few minutes. airport erin tracking a busy morning on the road, hey, e erin. >> all right a5:06 now and
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take a look behind me. breaking news out of quanitco triangle area. all main lanes 95 northbound blocked between russel road and virginia 69. two tractor-trailer crash as lon the stretch of 95. one is pretty serious involving fuel spill and earlier fire. you can hop on route 1 to get around that. hov lanes fill up because of that and delays already back to 610. let's take a welcome at maps. we'll he show you a long line of red. closed russel road where traffic is diverted and 6 19 joplin 'roid. two tractor-trailer crashes up against 95 northbound leave the house 30 minutes early and start to see you route 1 back up on the northbound side as well. we have a crew on the way and we'll bring you a live look when it becomes available. it's been a mess this morning. if you havefy questions on picking alternate at erin fox d.c. on twitter happy to help you get around that. good news aside from that big mess in quantico triangle areas things look going inside the beltway and problem free maryland and district this morning. no crashes to report in chevy chase and you're looking good on
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mannasas and it's just at 95 stretch that's the big problem all metro rail lines on time as well. no metro airline delays. metro hooking well. any questions forget around erin fox d.c. twitter. we'll have the latest for you and let you know smns lanes open main lanes 5. >> thanks, erin. >> coming up un"fox5 news morning" president trump hypotheticaling at military action action as way way to deal with north korea. >> singer katie perry is facing a lawsuit over an amputated big toe. >> rye ter start to the day. 5 o 0 is the time. cool, 62 degrees. back z2fwcz z16fz
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y2fwcy y16fy >> north korea launch add missile over japan and they added people in u.s. territory was safe. the missile test reached a range that could include guam. they threatened to target the island territory a u.s. military hub. >> a wild manhunt comes to end in california police arresting robert coalson in connection to shooting death of a man in kansas. they say coalson stole the victim's car and drove it to la where investigators say coalsonrd woulded amt
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coalsonrd woulded amtrak train, hit a train conductor in the face and stabbed a man from australia. he later jumped from the train and injured himself and was taken to the hospital and taken under arrest. new developments in the joe arpaio case. attorneys want his conviction vacated as if it never happened. judge is scheduled hearing for october 4. last friday president trump granted arapaio granted a pardon on. it means he will not serve jail time but conviction remains on his record. >> prince william count question nurse social security in jail accused of sexually assaulting one of of his patients. frederick yeboah. between august 21 and august 24 he inappropriately touched a 9-year-old female patient more than once. at this point it's unclear if there's more victims. we reached out to the hospital and have not heard back. yeboah is held without bound. >>
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stage hand that says she lost a toe while working on singer 2014 world tour. christina fish claims her toe had to be amputated after asked to help move a wall. the wall got stuck and rolled over her foot. fish says no one called for ambulance. she says she had to call a friend to pick her up and take her to the emergency room. >> coming up on "fox news morning" dozens of christian leaders throw their support behind a manifesto on human sexuality. >> after all this time sean spicer meets the pope. >> spice is in. as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region, 621 your temp. back with more after this break
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>> back now 5:1 checking top stories including breaking traffic alert. all lanes of 9
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between quantico and dumfries from are shut down right now. most serious is mile marker 149 with a fire that involved a -- and now a fuel spill. hov lanes are on ep and filling up fast. erin will have more in a moment. >> gulf coast is preparing for another blow from tropical storm harvey. it's expected to make landfall for a second time in louisiana. harvey already dumped 51.8" of rain more than any other tropical storm in u.s. his history. so far 18 deaths reported. that number is expected to increase. houston police officer is mopping the dead. roughly 200,000 people were forced from their homes. >> defense secretary jim mat iing is put a hold on transgender soldiers in the military. they'll be able to serve pending result of six month study. they'll hear recommendation from panel and advice the
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president what to do next. >> 18-year-old ohio man f finding extradition back to virginia. daniel bored ep is charged of beating of a white man. weeks after video surfaced showed him and several other white men attacking 20-year-old deandre harris in charlottesville parking ga garage. and pretty good night for local kid at the u.s. open. college park transis tfo took nearly took out roger federror in the first round. he won the first and fourth sets before federror close today out in the fifth. the 19-year-old said federror won by the skin of his teeth. federror said his opponent has a great career ahead of him. that's exciting because we talked about that on good day before because someone tweeted us francis would play and steve said wouldn't it be great if he upset federror in the first round. >> congrats. >> they say he's future
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american men's u.s. tennis. >> it's interesting his upbringing and how he got where he s congrats more things to come from him and from michael thomas right now, too. >> you did good with the weather degree he. >> i tried. not nowhere near as good as him. coordinating to national weren't service cameron in louisiana what you see there on satellite and radar. here south of lake charles you can see it here winsdz at 45 and land fall for the second time this is good thing though. we got it off the gulf waters too warm grab that moisture continues to throw in gulf states. further north away from gulf so we can cut off the moisture flow. there you been fortunately it means it heads in our direction. good news from the time it gets here it will not be nearly what 2 is now. just lighter rain showers. that looks like it will affect your day on day. if you make labor day weekend plans do
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like it could be compromised with rain and good news labor day itself looking good. 6 outside in washington now. check out the 50s and suburbs. 58 gauge urzberg and baltimore and 65 ta annapolis and 6 whip chester and it's a pleasant and cool brought and sunny start we will have more cloud ahead of harvey here start to filter their way in the afternoon. cloud and sun. there's that system that brought us all that rain yesterday was more of of nor easter than anything else. again it continues to push off north an east and we have pleasant air pushing in behind it. kind of a one-day feel good kind of forecast here with temperatures hanging in the mid to upper 70s around most suburbs. can't rule out a shower to the west along the mountains here and most of d.c., baltimore and many big city as long the metro reason i 95 corridor should stay dry this afternoon and pleasant day. 79 the daytime high. mix and clouds and sun. watch out for isolated
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more of the same this evening with scattered clouds around. once again pleasantly cool. the forecast spotty shower tomorrow. as well as friday and especially during evening hours zip trip in the morning down to national harbor looks good watch for showers saturday and should clear them out sunday afternoon and labor day looking good. let's check the forecast speaking of not looking good that would be roads this morning right somethinging. >> right 5:18. some improvement through quantico he those main lanes are crueling around. the biggest one 6 19, joplin road they reopened left lane. hov lanes moving along long phone. more volume than we see this type of morning. delays even though left lane is open they were diverting all traffic to to russel road delays to 610 garrisonville road. coming up from spotsylvania, fredericksburg, take one
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eases. you can see how far back the delay is extending even though the left lane is getting by. and traffic is looking great elsewhere in virginia and metro rail lines on time. any questions erin fox d.c. twitter holly and maureen back to you. >> time now 5:19 let look aat stories you are engaging with this morning the most on social media. >> wisdom is back with the news trafficker. >> first up america test most dangerous nuclear bomb ever produced. f 15 dropped inert version of one trillion super nucleus in nevada dessert. scientists spend months on data gathered from the test. government is workingp technology years. the first test happened back in march. >> mean while more than 150 evangelical religous leaders signed a christian man felt owe on their beliefs of human
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sex ualty. nationwide coalition confirmed they believe marriage is between one man and one woman. and that approval of that approval of homosexual immorality is sinful. religous leaders who do not agree with manifesto expressed their opposition saying it goes against god's creative design. >> former white house press suspect sean spicer got to meet the pope. two men earlier this week at annual meeting of international catholic legislatures network at the vatican. spicer had a chance to meet the pope he was left off the list of white house officials who got to meet the pontiff. >> legal battle brewing in baltimore over novelist chancy character ryan. they're fighting over who owns the rights to the character. millions of fans fwot to meet him in the 1984 book hunt for red october. lawyers said 7 figures worth of royalties are at stake for both women. >> and baby m boo
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to be a big brother. olympic swimmer phelps and nicole announced they're expecting second child. they posted on boomer official account of him holding a positive preing nancy test and with caption number two on w way. congratulations for them. back to you holly and maureen. >> inis it a family good for sure. >> thanks a lot. >> 5:21 the time now. coming up on "fox news morning" uber coming under fire for tracking feature on app. >> best buy is offering new inhome shopping service and has nothing to do with shopping online. >> heading to break right now a live look across the d.c. region. back
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we sip, we peel, and we win! nah. like this. hawv freshly brewed hot coffee for your chance to win. get your celebration ready. this is coffee. this is winning. this is coffee. >> has harvey officially makes second land fall in louisiana shipping giants ups. fedex and united states postal se
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delivery to major ports of texas and louisiana. this comes amid mass devastation that could potentially disrupt supplies of critical medicines, food and other packages. ferocious flooding pummeling the ream yoon is limiting delivery companies from reaches thousands in need. uber pulling controversial feature from ride sharing app. it will no longer track riders up to five minutes after a trip. initial users were forced to choose between letter uber always collect location data or never track it. they have option of sharing location while using app. the change is expected available for iphone users this week. >> best buy trying to up the anti-in competing with amazon. they'll surprised a sales person to help make recommendations on tv. streaming service asen more. amazon is also report hely develop ago i is lar program. the service is tested in five market and will expand
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city as roup the market. >> target has a deal aim at wine drinkers. they'll sell bottles for $5. california roots. they go on sale at 1100 target stores starting september. 5:25 now and we're looking forward to a better day. it was a washout yesterday. >> yesterday was most pleasant of days. i have the day off i was stuck inside. >> are you gloting you had the day off or are you -- >> a little bit of both. >> or sad on your day off it rained all day. >> a little bit of both. if i have a day off i want it to be bright, sunny and beautiful. sometimes a rainy day is good you can sit inside and be lazy that's what i did yesterday. outdoor plans today should be fine. 6. cloud cover out there to st start. should be a sunny morning before more cloud move in, into the portions of afternoon here. it will be mix
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and sun for afternon. good news is it's dry. bringing us pesky showers pushing off north an east. it will be quieter today for most of us. i 1 and west could pop a shower later this afternoon. here's planner for the day today. 7 by 11:00. portly cloudy through the morning airport partly sunny into the afternoon. by 2:00. by 5:00, 7. should be a cooler day compared to normal. again should do mid 80s in late august and only doing upper 70s. let's check the forecast over to erin como for traffic. >> 5:26 we've been having problems all morning in triangle quantico because of two tractor-trailer crashes biggest one 6 19 john lip road left lane is getting by. previously all main lanes blocked. hov looking good and drive times for you so you can get an idea what you're up aga against. delay even though left lane is getting by and and main lanes to courthouse road takes you an hour and a half to get to quart house road to 619. now
5:27 am
northbound as alternate takes us a half hour. that's delayed not nearly as bad as main lanes adealing with. hour and a half trip getting from courthouse road and main lanes to 6 19 joplin road and you can sit in half hour of traffic. i would choose the alternate. any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. we have team coverage coming up melanie alnwick is headed out to the team. maryland, district and all metro rail lines are on time. we you have covered on the rough commute. back to you guys. >> coming up on "fox news morning". two universities in our region will honor the help little of a slain army officer. >> and we'll go live to the traffic situation near quantico along northbound 95. melanie is heeded there now. both her and erin will bring us a full team report. >> as we go to break a live look across the area on a wednesday morning. 5:27, 62 degrees. nice day today. we have a lot
5:28 am
other side. don't go anywhere. you're watching "fox news morning".
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>> today on "fox5 news morning" tropical storm harvey right now as we speak gulf coast residents are dealing with another blow from the d dadly storm that will not go away. >> transgender military ban pentagon presses
5:31 am
allowing thousands to continue serving their country. >> live look outside now. warmer day today out there. prepare are fog sunny skies and temperatures near 80. >> good morning to you thank you for waking up with us. >> it's wednesday, august 30. rain is gone for now. >> all right. we'll talk to michael thomas about that later on. first we got traffic to talk about. >> yeah that's right, guys, we're tracking breaking news out of triangle quanitco. two tractor-trailer crashes one involving fuel spill. all main lanes of 95 completely blocked 6 19 joplin road and right now left lane is getting buy and main lanes and hov breaking up. let's break it down so you know what you're up against. 6 19 joplin road takes you an hour an a half. if you can take the hov lanes be prepared for heavier volume than usual and if you want to take route 1 as alternate this morning if hov is not
5:32 am
route 1 is dealing with half hour delay. you can see the red next to 95. we're seeing 'lot of delays and you're dealing with traffic lights as well. be prepared to leave at least 30 minute early if you take route 1 northbound causing a huge mess in quantico triangle area this morning and in fact we have team coverage. "fox5" melanie alnwick is checking out impact on commute. how are things looking in the neighboring street, mel. >> it's definitely very heavy volume as you mentioned erin. we did take that little 95 hookah round off from us arele road and then getting on route 1 to joplin road. as you said it was heavy but steady. that's the good news it's a possibility once you pass john lip road everything clears up. right now if you look at front facing camera we're headed on 9 a5 south and about to pass by congestion area and one good thing we're seeing also on 95 north on other side there you're starting to
5:33 am
some traffic starting to get by. but in just a few seconds we'll come up to the main impacted area if you see the bright lights ahead that's exactly it. what happened here we first had mile marker 150 that is where with we had a 1254 this morning and a tractor-trailer accident involving two tractor-trailers a box truck and oil spill. now, as they were working to try to get that cleaned up there was a two mile backup and in that backup that's where we had the secondary accident. that was happening 240 in the morning and that at mile marker 149 a tow truck that was towing another box truck and another tractor-trailer. and that one had an injury and transfor the and that is where you were seeing then another two mile backup behind that. so, definitely a very, very busy morning and good news is they're getting what looks to be some small lanes open here. and they
5:34 am
the next half hour to hour or so get most of this cleaned up and out ever the way. as you know when you deal with fuel spills those sorts of things they have to make sure the road is safe for everyone to travel on. definitely some very heavy impacts this morning. we'll hook baca round and get back in. it we'll let you know how it's going later on. wisdom and holly. >> thanks, mel, appreciate the update and we'll check back throughout the morning. 5:4 of the latest on tropical storm harvey tropical storm harvey made a second land fall near cameron, louisiana and also overnight the death toll has risen with 18 people killed including police investigate who droupd in patrol car after trapped in rising floodwaters. more than 13,000 people rescued in houston and throughout southeast texas and those rescues continue around the clock. two new large shelters opened in houston hoping to take strain off the houston convention center which is filled to compactty.
5:35 am
president trump visited texas yesterday promising extensive federal assistance. meanwhile despite the devastation some are making the best out of the disaster. >> we have to enjoy the day as it comes. i have clothes on. they'll dry up. i have clothes on. i have food. i'm living. that's all it s you have to live with what you got. >> the weather picture will get better for houston today as the rains pull away to the northeast. >> time now is 5:5 defense secretary jim mat iing puts a hold on controversial gender ban in the u.s. military. transgender soldiers will be able to serve in military pending results of 6 month study. mat is will hear recommend recommendations of a papel and advice what to do next. >> a much, much needed break for hugh stop right. >> yes. >> rain wise for houston
5:36 am
>> i was looking at raichb totals it doesn't look like they had more rain. not going to be nearly what it is now. not flooding rapes or any of that. it gives us a day much like yesterday here on saturday. >> we'll enjoy today. >> let's focus on wednesday. >> foam is not bad either and weekend is not compromised but again some parts you have to watch-out and play a little rain. harvey made land fall near up to of cameron in louisiana wind at 45. we'll have more details on the track coming up a bit. here in d.c. drying out there a nor easter. pushing off norm and east and bringing rain to boston this morning. we're starting to dry out here in d.c.. 63 current number in washington. 58 gaithersburg behind the storm here and cooler air has pushed down ft. north. and it's feeling pleasant outside. martinsburg 59. winchester 59 as well forecast heren
5:37 am
next couple days clouds mixed with sunshine today. 79 degrees. tomorrow more clouds possibly shower and highs return to the 80s. all right that's weather erin como is tracking busy morning on the roads, hey, erin. >> we're dealing with busy morning and 5:37 we have a new crash you need to be aware of. 395 southbound center lane blocked on southbound side near gleeb road. you can see the delay coming off 14 street bridge and backed up to 27 to gleeb road. huge delays and in northbound side rubber neck delay in hov and main lanes and northbound side buzzier this time of morning. we're dealing with problems and we'll try to bring you a view of that as soon as it becomes available for us a live look. aside from that we're seeing big problems. 95 northbound through qua quantico. team coverage with melanie alnwick. two tractor-trailer crashes biggest one strovling a box truck. try to take route 1 and leave the house early hour and a half delay 9 w5 acourthouse
5:38 am
road to joplin and deal with half hour delay. questions erin fox d.c. twitter. >> m coming up, medicare patients will soon be eligible for new therapy involving tread mills. >> researchers that say your next selfie could save your life. >> you're good. >> we'll explain when we return. >> we'll take one during the break in case. >> as we head to break a live look outside across the region 5:38, back in aa moment. oment.
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>> prepare yourself for sunny skies and temperatures near 80. mike talks more about the forecast in four minutes. >> if you had a bad reaction to cholesterol medication and researchers say againet he can variation can cause some patients to experience aches and pains after taking stat in. and patient suffer muscle pains from the pills. >> researchers and small phone app can diagnose pancreatic cancer by tag a selfie. looks at yellow
5:42 am
in eyes. it's a tell tale sign of pancreatic cancer. it has a five year survival rate of 9% because it did go so long. >> and state regulators improve of average rate increases of 23% to nearly 50% depending on plan and carrier. increases quil take a toll on sonl assumeers that don't g give. >> and questions surrounding affordable care act and stability and ability. >> stars line up up to raise money for and donate to harvey relief efforts. >> first time since 9/11 people without tickets will be allowed to go over to the gate and only at one airport. >> take a break. as we do a live look across the d.c. region. people getting up and going on this wednesday morning
5:43 am
we have traffic trouble to tell you about.
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♪♪ imagine what's possible... ...with the world at your fingertips. get everything they need to shoot for the stars, for less. this week at staples, shop our fifty cent deals. staples. it's pro time. >> 50 in suburbs and fallish morning. how good
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second part of month. >> it's been a wet summer and amazing summer. >> you know what i think we had two or three maybe little heat waves. but nothing major. nothing we could not handle. and leaves in my neighborhood are changing. >> mine too. >> we talked about that. >> signs of fall on the horizon. >> guys let me start you off with rain totals from harvey. updated numbers cedar bayou. this puts harvey at top of list. this is main land united states n terms of rainfall. this includes hurricanes and tropical storms and any tropical system 51.88" and higher totals did not add anything to them 2 hours or so. houston picked up another inch in the last twelve hours and now things i drooing out. new from louisiana overnight
5:47 am
and new orleans major city 5 5.116". that's still a lot of rain but compared to everyone else that seems like nothing. hereof in d.c. averaged 46" of reason aier and that gives you an idea how the rainfall to totals are. deposit make landfall months going go. now we continue trek north as we head through the next couple days. that's the latest information. winds sustained 5 a.m. and there's track. it will continue to push up through mississippi eventually through alabama and tennessee and kentucky. by the time we get to saturday here in d.c. we're dealing with remnants. it will not be nearly as powerful or have winds and heavy drenching rainfall. may make saturday a lot like yesterday was in d.c.. plan accordingly there. today sunshine mixed with cloud cover out. there should be pleasant day and drier day and 63 we're starting off in
5:48 am
again 50s in the suburbs. mannasas 6 2. culpeper 62 as well this morning. pleasant start to day. satellite and radar shows quiet as well. there's nor easter from yesterday pushing off norm and east. mild conditions settling in today. temperatures in 0s most of us. still 10 warmer than yesterday where most of us were held in 60s with showers around. still could be a shower or two out west. again not a washout there either. nothing like we had yesterday. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. 79 daytime high today up to 80s tomorrow more clouds and shower in the afternoon. zip trip friday looks good in morning and showers move in late. and then yes saturday you have weekend plans. that's the day to aindividual. sunshine late back sunday and labor day looks beautiful. let's check the forecast and erin is back with traffic. 95 norm a parking lot. >> new problems to start you off with breaking news. 395 on southbound side between route 27 washington boulevard and south gleeb road. all lanes blocked
5:49 am
huge crash center lanes and left shoulder shutting by. all lanes were completely blocked. you may want to find an alternate. and look at hov and main lanes on northbound side. typically gets more crowded this time of morning and rubber neck delay looking crowded there. it's about 20 minute delay etsell road to washington boulevard northbound because of rubber neck delay southbound again left shoulder currently squeezing by and seeing a huge slow down of 15 minutes coming off 14 street bridge. let's switch over to maps. again problems in quantico. triangle continue. left lane gets passed and fuel spill joplin road. in the backup moved over to shoulder parked courthouse road to joplin road and takes you however hour and a half to get to the area. take hov if possible. they're rouded kane route alternate deal with half hour delay. as melanie alnwick told us she is
5:50 am
traffic moving slower on route 1 northbound. we have a 295 southbound cr crash. huge delays 20 and 50 inbound delayed because of that 202 and 95. that area as you head into cheverly is backed up and then quick metro delay for you and early train and rough morning guys. >> and we'll check back. >> thanks, erin. >> ten minute before six and developing in district metro police asking for your help to find a woman responsible for revolt ago tack on bus driver. take a good look at the woman in surveillance there. police say on saturday afternoon she threw a full cup of urine on the bus driver just as he was pulling into a stop along k 2 route north east and driver was tape to the hospital for decontamination after the attack and anyone where information is asked to call place. >> university of maryland taking steps to honor
5:51 am
army hugh tennant richard collins. the buoy state university last may was stabbed to death at a bus stop near the college park campus. today it will join in buoy state remembering collins. both inty constitutions will pause and silence for one minute. >> umd will hold a program of series to talk with with race, hairt and politics. >> maureen is back with realtime news tracker. hey, mo. >> good morning to both of you and first up fury as texans take to social media to slam pastor joel olstein coming under fire from closing mega church to refugees affected by harvey. he claims the church was inaccessible because of flooding and yesterday posted pictures of church satisfies it was open and able to receive anyone. it appears the building was not affected by floodwaters at all. >> donation from victims of harvey pouring in everyone from seblties to big companies apitching in to help out. actress
5:52 am
actress san extra bullock donated to the red cross. google. am gone and facebook agreed to match all donations given by customers. so far a total of 3 million. >> pittsburgh international will become first u.s. airport to allow non flyers past security. non flyers will still have to go through same screening process as those catching flight. >> cbs takes gel aktic gamble by making "star trek" available only in -- there are enough super fans that won't pay for large package but will pay for the show: disneyworld not just for kids anymore. disney is offering wine sl slushyes at theme parks. slushyes
5:53 am
berry charaz and mango moscato. and fans expressed their excitement over spinked drinks on social media a great treat. >> seven minute before the hour the washington redskins gear is no longer allowed at private school in montgomery county. green acre in in bethesda sent a letter home saying children and staff you should not be wearing clothing which disparages a race people. >> i feel strongly that wearing clothing with the name of our local football team or logo that those are really opposed to our school's diversity statement. i feel name of team is racial slur and log owe at best is ethnic stereotype at worst deeply demeaning. >> despite growing calls
5:54 am
washington football change to change name owner dan snyder said he will never change the name. >> if you cannot stand the heat get out of their vicken. they created iconic pottery scene from movie ghoingt central trailer for cooking show. >> martha and snoop pot luck dinner is what it is called in this steamy video. they frost a cake the way patrick swaysy and demi moore sculpted pottery in the movie. chemistry in the kitchen is undeniable. >> is that the hysterical i love it. >> the fact those two -- >> i can't stop laughing. >> i may have to watch that show. when they look at the camera. that is just -- >> were they smoking right there. >> right there. yes. that's my favorite moment. >> oh, my god. hilarious. okay. hopefully we can provide that
5:55 am
much entertainment at zip trip. >> liver at national harbor. tucker gets started at 6:00 and rest of fox news team will join in on the fun throughout the morning. we will all be at national harbor until 11 a.m. that -- come on down and celebrate the "fox5". >> time now to say hemo to facebook fan of the day. say hi to jenaiah and rj nominated by mom and jeniah is new first grade student. >> look at her with the hip hop. >> they attend classs in prince william county. mom says her daughter jeniah loves -- in style who doesn't right her son o.j. loves caring about the weather. thank you guys for watching appreciate it and have a great school year. >> all right michael thomas. wrap it up for
5:56 am
smile today. >> milder today but still cool for this time of year. upper 70s mid 80s. harvey did make land fall this morning across western portions of louisiana just to the south and west of coully there. again it's pushing off in our direction show to get here but probably get here to start the weekend. you'll see that in the 7 day in a minute. it's calm and quiet and should be drier day in the d.c. region today. again pleasant temperatures 79. mix of clouds and sun and watch for isolated shower west of i 81 corridor. 80s back tomorrow and saturday is the day to watch. for possible rain and clears up by labor day. checking the forecast erin is back with a busy forecast on the roads. >> 5:56 starting with nasty view of 395 and southbound crash between washington boulevard route 27 and south gleeb road. all lanes previously blocked just shoulder squeezing by and moved over to the right lane right shoulder and left lane getting by and 15 minute delay from 27 to south gleeb road and heavy delays because of
5:57 am
northbound side hov and main lanes and quick look at maps we have other problems we're dealing with and 95 northbound huge delays through quantico triangle keep to "fox news morning" we'll have a full report with team coverage coming up on northbound crash as we continue orange line delays to get to as well. it's a busy
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> hole fully rain moochd out of here. tucker has your forecast ahead at 6:05. >> first breaking traffic news this morning. several lanes of i 95 north shot down after two separate tractor-trailer crashes that led to major delays for commuters headed to upwards d.c.. our erin como starts off for us.


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